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Our award-winning helpdesk has been at the core of AITs support for over 10 years. The team are always available to assist you with service issues, reporting faults or expanding your network. All of our team are on site based which means thanks to our great infrastructure, you’ll get the support when you need it most.


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    We don’t believe in having a big flashy sales team, because we know the service and solutions we provide speak for themselves. You can pick up the phone anytime and a member of our expert team will always be happy to help. If you require a call back, just let us know and we’ll be straight in touch at a time that suits you.

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    We know that sometimes you need an answer quickly, or when something crops up you just need that extra support to make sure everything is okay. That’s why our live chat function here means you’ll be connected with a member of our on-site expert team immediately. Don’t worry if you’re not yet a client of AIT, our experts are on hand to help you start that journey today and support you in creating the IT solutions you require!

      Supporting you is always our priority

      We believe in always ensuring our service levels go above and beyond, and are dedicated to resolving issues quickly and efficiently so you can get on with your day. Our managed service desk means that our expert team are always available when you need them most. Thanks to our extensive support package options, we can work with you to tailor specific on-site technician support should you require it or make use of our on-demand support packages via pooled on-site visits from our technicians.

      OAK Multi Academy Trust

      Over the past few years we've developed a great relationship with the AIT technician team. The helpdesk always assist with any queries from our staff and means we can concentrate on education and helping our pupils thrive.

      From technician to ticket support