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We are experts in all aspects of IT and with over 20 years of experience working with schools, we’ve tailored our services to satisfy the ever-changing needs of educational establishments. By combining our on-site support with our broadband services we’re assisting schools in moving towards next generation IT.

We are the complete alternative to having your own IT team and our IT Support packages provide a multitude of services including 24/7 monitoring and consultancy. By using a centralised IT infrastructure, we deliver a unified service to schools which leads to a dramatic decrease in costs. With our centralised approach, AIT minimise the involvement of third parties to ensure our services and resources operate more efficiently and reliably.

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Why Choose Advanced IT Services for your School Support?

Flexible Leasing Options

We work with Bluestone to offer you flexible leasing options on your IT hardware for your school. With plans available over 3 and 5 years, you can maximise your budget and ensure you have the very best EdTech.


With fully managed support packages from £4,000 a year, we offer competitive pricing combined with excellent service. Because we own our own infrastructures including Data Centres, we can price match and deliver projects efficiently without compromise

Our Foundation

We understand education, in fact some of our team members are former teachers who have a sincere passion for enhancing the way in which schools harness tech to work more collaboratively and effectively.

Centralising Services

We have a long term vision that schools should easily be able to centralise their networks and services to create unified solutions for working between sites, remotely or in the classroom.


We understand that no two schools are ever the same, and the needs and requirements will always be different. We love to get immersed into your school life and develop long lasting relationships with teachers & staff.


We have some very qualified brainboxes here at AIT! In fact our director Phil had his first server at the age of 10! We love to learn, discover and innovate with the latest EdTech so we can deliver better solutions

Our Vision; strong foundations & a bright collaborative future

We started out 22 years ago at George Spencer Academy in Nottingham providing IT support and services to the site, and since then we’ve now grown to become one of the largest IT services providers in the East Midlands supporting over 75 schools & MATs.

In 2010 our Managing Director Phil Dixon took full ownership of Advanced IT Services and began building foundations to expand into providing further services and support to the ever growing IT industry. Phil began expanding the management team at AIT, all of whom are still with us today and share the same vision and ambition for AIT as we continue to grow.

Our vision from day 1 has always remained the same; to enrich the lives of those we serve through the use of tech and create unified seamless solutions which really do meet the requirements of users. Through centralised cloud solutions via our wholly owned data centres we are enabling schools, MATs and businesses to unify their IT solutions whilst maximising budgets but never compromising on performance, speed and our service.

…And we like to think we stand the test of time because our very first school George Spencer Academy is still with us today.

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