Meet the Team

Chapter One, Ashley Woodward

“If it’s not working, you may as well try to fix it. You can’t make it any worse.”- Ashley Woodward

As a running IT company of 22 years, we thought it’s time to give you a little insight to the people who work here, what they do and more excitingly, what kind of potato they would be!

Ash is our project manager whose day to day consists of, you guessed it, managing projects!

He has worked with us for just over 11 years, so he knows the ins and outs of the company and how everything runs but more importantly, knows how to make everyone’s teas and coffees.

Jokes aside, he is a busy man with planning projects, assessing risks, communicating with clients and staff, staying on schedule and keeping team morale and motivation up.

We asked our staff 5 important questions to help you get to know us in a fun way,

Favourite TV show? Grand Designs is an all time favourite, but Schitts Creek always makes me laugh.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? It would have to be a lovely Sunday roast.

Favourite drink? Some sort of cider, preferably drank in the sun.

Three things you’d take on a desert island? A flint stick, because I hate being cold. A radio, because I hate silence and a massive bag of bread because, well, I love bread.

What form of potato would you be, given the chance? Definitely a jacket potato, it may look hard on the outside but on the inside, its a big softie.

“The path we have taken, and are taking. I have worked with Phil (director) for a very long time, seeing us grow and develop as a team and company means the world to me. We wouldn’t be anything without the people who work with us”

Ashley Woodward, on what he loves about AIT.

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