Centralise Control


Our cloud technology for Schools and MATs enables affordable access to advanced technology. Thanks to our continued investment into our infrastructure and expert team, AIT Cloud will centralise solutions, maximising budget and excelling performance.

Unify your IT Services

Our vision is simple, to create unified IT solutions for schools and businesses allowing them to optimise their budgets but also increase efficiency, security and reliability. Thanks to our wholly owned data centres we offer our clients the unique solution of being able to centralise your network via the AIT Cloud. Being part of the AIT Cloud means you’ll benefit from increased performance, speed and be safe in the knowledge you’re always fully protected.

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Why choose AIT Cloud?

We bundle lots of much needed extras in our prices for Schools & MATs. No gimmicks and no catches. Our centralised solutions mean you’ll get the very best and supercharge your connections.

Single Sign on Across Sites

If you're a MAT, unify sign on solutions across sites so access is always centralised and seamless.


Empower your users to communicate effectively. From video conferencing, instant messaging and telephony services.

Specialist Applications

Including HR and finance systems, management information systems (MIS) and curriculum software and content

Online Servers

For example, full versions of school servers hosted online and managed over the interne.

Approved DfE Frameworks

The AIT Cloud meets the latest DfE guidance, and we'll be work with you to develop and implement.

Cost Saving

Effectively optimise budgets and get the very best from your services.

Why become part of the AIT Cloud?

Ensuring your IT network can withstand the demands of its users is paramount in todays ever growing digital world. For the past 20 years we’ve been working directly with our clients to create seamless solutions which allow them to empower their users but also continuously push the boundaries in finding better solutions which increase deliverability and reliability. We are proud to now have two wholly owned UK based data centres servicing our clients primarily in the education sector, meaning we can deliver centralised solutions which are budget friendly.

What are the benefits of AIT Cloud?

  • Makes services more engaging and enhances usability
  • Unifies systems e.g remote access working
  • Cost saving allowing you to effectively optimise budgets
  • Benefit from our secure systems from firewall protections and expert team

How long does it take to move services to AIT Cloud?

We’ll work with you to create a migration which doesn’t disrupt your current services. Through careful planning we’ll give you a structured timeline, conduct senior management meetings and train staff to ensure everything is managed seamlessly from project outline to completion and on-going servicing.

How much does AIT Cloud cost?

AIT Cloud is designed for Schools and MATs as a cost effective solution which enables them to benefit from our world leading technology and infrastructure. Join the AIT Cloud for just £25 a month per TB with unlimited VMs as you like!

The Education Cloud

Technology is changing quickly in education. And it’s the key to delivering the best possible learning experience for every student you teach. With devices more accessible than ever, and the rising adoption of 1:1 programmes in schools and colleges, personalised learning experiences are now a reality.

You need connectivity that’s fit for cloud based learning. Students can learn in the way that suits them; using a wealth of cloud-based apps and internet resources. Teachers can use classroom management apps to get better visibility of student progress. Not to mention enabling more ways to set, assess and give meaningful feedback on work.

As the number of students and teachers using cloud-connected devices grows, so do the demands on your internet connection. Technology is empowering but it can only ever be as good as your connectivity.

The Education Cloud is designed specifically for Schools to give affordable access to advanced technology. Our connectivity network is dedicated entirely to UK Schools & MATs. If you choose our filtering services, you’ll be able to manage your safeguarding options on one central dashboard. Combining cutting edge technology with world-leading filtering and security services including IPS intrusion scanning, our unique hosted system makes purchasing and maintaining on site equipment a cost of the past.

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Got questions? No query is ever too big or small for our team. Get in touch and one of our education experts will be in touch. We like to work seamlessly, once we understand your requirements we’ll get on with the job so you can concentrate on your School or MAT, knowing you’re in safe hands. 

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